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We all know that avocados are great for you, nutritionally speaking they contain a healthy unsaturated fat that’s known to lower cholesterol. They’re also packed with nutrients, including fibre, potassium and essential vitamins. But did you know that, according to recent studies, the seed most of us throw away contains around 70% of the fruit’s antioxidant content? […]


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Pedometers have recently become hugely popular and they are a brilliant way of monitoring activity levels and motivating you to get off the sofa and try to increase your steps. 10,000 is THE number to achieve in a day. That number is everywhere and it is thought that people who achieve 10,000 steps a day […]


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An older gentleman came to see us to see if we could do anything for his ‘stooped’ posture which he feels has been the cause of general aches and pains in his upper/mid back. He has been suffering for years but it has been getting progressively worse.  He was using a walking stick as he […]


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Any one that’s had a hot stone massage will tell you that it’s deeply relaxing, but there are other reasons to choose this form of massage. Pain relief Hot stone massage has specifically been associated with symptom relief in people with a range of conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and some other autoimmune disorders. Patients […]


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Let’s face it – it’s hard enough to get ready for a run on an icy cold, dark evening, but you’ve made your resolution and a run a day it is! So how can you make it less painful and more gainful? Stay motivated – getting motivated can be hard, staying motivated can be harder. […]

Tips to ensure you stick to your New Year goals!

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2018 has arrived! And with it comes the pressure of making a resolution. Every year people make… and break resolutions – so how can 2018 be different? How can you ensure you’re successful this time? 1. Set realistic goals – if you haven’t exercised for a long while then don’t set yourself a target of […]


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We recently treated a female patient in her late twenties with rather brilliant results – so we would like to share. This particular patient had been had been suffering with low back pain for a long while (nearly a year) when she attended the clinic. As some of you will know, constant back pain can […]


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  FIVE were right when they told us to “keep on movin” because ”if ya gettin’ down” to “slam dunk da funk” then you’re more likely to be able to do so “until the time is through” (we’ll stop now – that’s more than enough FIVE song references for one blog post!) It’s an old […]

Ice or heat? Which should I use?

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It’s a question practitioners are often asked – should I use ice or heat on an injury?  Although there is no simple answer to this, with opinion still somewhat divided, here is what we advise at the clinic. In our experience, following these protocols yield the best results.   ICE Applying ice to an area will […]

Think you know how to run? Think again!

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Running is a quick, easy and free way to get your heart pumping and your limbs moving. As you’ve been running since you were about two years old you’ve surely got the hang of it by now, right? Wrong! Hopefully you don’t fall over as much as a two year old but there’s always room […]